Counter Strike Team Threatened As Immortals Split

So, immortals can definitely be wounded. Polygon recently reported that the eSports Counter Strike: Global Offensive team is out of sorts following several events kicking off in last month’s tournament at Dreamhack Montreal CS:GO.

Immortals took second place in the event, however three team members made it to the matches late a total of two times while the tournament was taking place. They came back to win it on the first time, but in the finals, went on to fail with finality. Another player, after the event was finished, came around to accuse the tardy players of coming in with a hangover. The accused player, Giuseppe issued and then retracted a Tweet that simply stated, “You’ll prove it or I’ll kill you!”

A video explains how things turned out the way they did. In the video, Noah Whinston, CEO of the Immortals, said that he immediately want to cut Giuseppe, but the coach and the other players managed to convince him not to act so rashly.

Instead, he deemed that Giuseppe would not be allowed to compete with the rest of the team until such time as they could meet and discuss the overall events as well as how they might manage to move on from it. When the meeting was scheduled and finally arrived, it seems Giuseppe was a no-show. In the next day’s competition, a coach actually had to take Giuseppe’s place in game play.

The team wound up losing the first map and other players at that time refused to go on playing unless they were rejoined by Giuseppe. When Giuseppe moved back into play, they won the match, but Whinston was certainly not happy that this player’s suspension had ultimately been ignored.

Whinston was quoted as saying, “For violating that punishment, KNG was immediately terminated from his contract and is not a part of Immortals, and will never again be part of Immortals.”

The Teles Brothers have since refused to play without the terminated player, so they too were suspended by Whinston, stating that they would remain that way until their contracts were bought out by another team or until they change their minds and agree to play without Giuseppe.

The decision was obviously one with negative impact for Whinston, as he has since received death threats on social media. Also to make things worse, their spot on the roster for Valve’s next tournament is at the complete control of Giuseppe and the Teles Brothers.

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