Counter Strike Global Offensive Redefining Dust2

If you or someone you know has spent any time at all playing Counter Strike, then you are well aware of the fact that Dust2 is the primary map of that game. Some Counter Strike players will even tell you that it is the only map they will play.

However, Dust2 has not been actively rotated since early this year, a move that has taken the map completely out of the tournament. The official removal of the original Dust2 map was February 2017. Developers stated that it was an outdated map in comparison to others in the game.

Rumors surfaced that it might be a measure, much like ones taken by Nuke and Inferno, to rework the old map into something better. Confirmation has recently come in that this is the case after all.

The new Dust2 version will show up in the beta depot soon, ready to be tested.

The ever-famous Dust2 has been with players for more than sixteen years, since Counter Strike 1.1, and even the current version is based on the original source. Jokes are currently in play as to why the reworked version of the map will not be called Dust3.

Valve still has not published any type of elaboration on what the updates and refining will entail, but they did tweet a picture earlier. The Tweeted map preview featured vibrant colors and textures and a large color change to skybox. Dusty buildings, palm trees and blue tents can be seen in front of a wall that seems to be a point of exist for Terrorists.

Though they did not elaborate on what it is exactly that has been changed, they did say that they wanted to remedy a number of issues currently in existence and tweak the graphics to match other maps as well.

The last update to the game came on October 5, 2017 and primarily consisted of small changes to the Molotov-smoke bug fix. Now that Dust2 remaking has been confirmed, speculations can resume about what particular changes Valve has made to this very popular map in the nine months that it was been gone from Active Duty. Once the Dust2 map makes its long-awaited return into play, the removal of another map will have to occur in order to continue the updating cycle. In the meantime, enjoy the in-play version of Dust2 while you still have it.

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